AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, AND FAA AC 0056B ACCREDITED

Technical Standard Orders (TSO) - Intact Database of TSO Parts

For in-demand TSO parts needed fast, rely on Stacked Hardware to get the job done with rapid lead times. Featured on this page is our current online inventory of in-stock technical standard orders (TSO) parts like TSO-C127A, TSO-C101, TSO-C148, TSO-C175, TSO-C63B, and others, those of which have been conveniently organized by part number, manufacturer, TSO holder name and description. To receive a quick quote for your comparisons on any available listing, simply fill out and submit an RFQ form located directly next to your desired component. Upon receipt of a completed form, our industry experts will utilize their market prowess to craft a customized quote tailored to your unique requirements. Operating with AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accreditation, in tandem with a strict NO CHINA SOURCING pledge, experience the evolution of parts purchasing when you partner with Stacked Hardware. With dedicated representatives available around-the-clock, we are happy to assist you 24/7x365.

TSO No. TSO Holder Name TSO Title Part Model Name RFQ
tso-c127a c&d zodiac inc double exit row 41122003-105, 41034005-115, 41034005-116, 41033001-126, 41122003-105, 41033001-125, 41122003-106, 41122003-106, RFQ
tso-c101 rockwell collins electronic flight display model efd-4076, p/n 622-9810-308, RFQ
tso-c148 3v fasteners screw p/n bacs12gu08 thru 6 dia, RFQ
tso-c175 driessen aircraft interio waste trolley, full size tg510001, RFQ
tso-c63b telephonics efis/radar interface unit model nc-104b, p/n 3614331-( ), RFQ
tso-c39b dettmers industries forward facing seat model 5000-3, RFQ
tso-c30c be aerospace inc. led position light p/n 03-9202-(xxxx), p/n 03-9200-4006, RFQ
tso-c127a timco aerosystems seat assy., triple, e/r, lh (5 b1010s, p/n 70784-403-( ), b1010s, p/n 70784-403-( ), b1010s, p/n 70784-403-( ), RFQ
tso-c115b rockwell international av flight management computer 822-0883-057/-060/-064, 822-0868-080, 822-0868-110/-114/-116/-117, 822-0783-029, 822-0783-028, 822-0891-034/-035/-036, 822-0891-033, RFQ
tso-c49a transicoil inc. N/A 9r100 9a2740, 9r100, 9a3620-1, RFQ
tso-c39c timco aerosystems seat assy., hdcp, std, b3100, b3100/b3100er, p/n 70779-452-( ), b3100/b3100er, p/n 70779-452-( ), b3100/b3100er, p/n 70779-452-( ), RFQ
tso-c113 thales avionics s.a.s. integrated electronic standby p/n c16786n[x](xx), p/n c16786m[x](xx), p/n c16786l[x](xx), p/n c16786k[x](xx), p/n c16786p[x](xx), p/n c16786j[x](xx), p/n c16786d[x](xx), p/n c16786v[x](xx), p/n c16786u[x](xx), p/n c16786ae[x](xx), p/n c16786c[x](xx), RFQ
tso-c147 ups aviation technologies goodrich i-linc with radar mul model i-linc radar p/n 430-0270-9[xx], RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems fastener, wedg-tite, 3 segment 54s165-( )-( ), RFQ
tso-c11e kidde aerospace fire detector, lptacc common 474660, RFQ
tso-c50b avtech corporation audio control panels 5640-1, 5640-1-1, 5640-1-2, 5640-1-3, RFQ
tso-c127a timco aerosystems seat assy., triple, f/r, r/h model 3200, p/n 3203110-402-( ), model b3500, p/n 3503110-408-( ), b3500/b3500er, p/n 3503110-402-( ), b3500, p/n 3503110-406-( ), model b3500, p/n 3503110-408-( ), b3500, p/n 3503110-406-( ), b3500/b3500er, p/n 3503110-402-( ), b3500/b3500er, p/n 3503110-402-( ), b3500, p/n 3503110-406-( ), RFQ
tso-c4 bendix corporation flight N/A 1990529-( ), 19905( ), 17827( ), 19912( ), 1978179( ), 1978121-( ), 1925756-( ), 1903712-( ), 18773( ), 17826( ), 14168( ), rais-60, RFQ
tso-c148 anillo industries, inc. washer, key, flat, general pur bacw10cr, RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. tpl 3.3" nrw no rec with way l ars-659, p/n 83256b12036-404, RFQ
tso-c39b socea ancien arsenal N/A 2510160( )( ), 2510161( )( ), 2510201( )( )( ), 2510123-( )-( ), fjrg1-(xxxxxx)-(xx), 2510183( )( )( ), ncfk1-( )-( ), 2510162( )( ), ffrg2-(xxxxxx)-(xx), ffrg1-( )-( ), 2520211( )( ), 2510197( )( )( ), 2510181( )( )( ), RFQ
tso-c6c alliedsignal aerospace N/A kmt 112, kmi-112, ki525a 066-3046-11, ki525a 066-3046-10, ki525a 065-3046-12, ki-229, ki-226, kg102a 060-0015-01, kg102a 060-0015-00, kda 430 065-5030-09, kni-581( ), kda 430 065-5030-06, kpi-553b 066-3069-00, kda 430 065-5030-08, kni-582, kpi-550, kpi-551, kpi-552b 066-3069-00, kpi-552b 066-3069-03 RFQ
tso-c48 electronics international absolute pressure transducer, pt-60abs, RFQ
tso-c34e gables engineering, inc. multi-mode receiver (mmr) cont model g7504( ), RFQ
tso-c36b bendix radio division N/A rna-26cf, cna-26b, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems fastener - flared type thru ri 661c3-70fh74, RFQ
tso-c39b brice manufacturing co. seat assy., double, no breakov 70548-412-( )b1000ss, RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems weld stud collar, large flange wsc286-004, RFQ
tso-c22f pacific scientific compan safety belt and shoulder harne p/n 1101100 series, RFQ
tso-c43c avidyne corporation multifunction display (mfd) 700-00079-( ) with software p/n 530-00174-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a c&d zodiac inc double exit row seat assembly 41032001-155, 41032001-145, 41034008-106, 41034008-105, 41192008-106, 41192008-105, 41192021-105, 41192020-106, 41192020-105, 41192021-106, 41192017-106, 41192017-105, 41192019-106, 41192019-105, RFQ
tso-c127a brice manufacturing co. seat assy., triple, std, hdcp, b1000s, 70758-451-( ), RFQ
tso-c47a rockwell collins airframe parameter configurati model apct-3700, p/n 810-0422-001, RFQ
tso-c62b continental gumni-werke a N/A 50x20.0-20/26/009, 46x16/24/113, 44.5x16.5-18/30/027, 46x16/30/044, 44x16/32/023, 46x16/30/122, 49x17/26/029, 49x17/28/120, 49x17/30/047, 46x16/28/123, 50x20-20/32/016, 50x21.0-20/30/117, tire size/ply rating/serial number, 26x6.6/10/089,095, 26x7.75-13/10/015, 44x16/30/022, 34x11/20/026, 34x11/22/0 RFQ
tso-c127 monogram systems aircraft seat (16g) 871500-604-001, 871500-605, 871500-604, 871500-602, 871500-605-001, 871500-603, 839620-404, 839620-403, 839620-402, 839620-401, 871500-605-002, 871500-604, 871500-604-001, 871500-604-002, 871500-604-003, 871500-605, 871500-605-001, 871500-605-003, 871500-603, 871500-605-004, 871500-602, 871500-604-0 RFQ
tso-c169a avidyne corporation acd215 control display unit 700-00150-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. dbl otbd 1.0" o/s rh for b7 ars-833, p/n 83274b16047-424, ars-833, p/n 83274b16047-404, RFQ
tso-c39a frakes aviation N/A fa6520-1, fa6501-2, fa6502-1, fa6502-2, fa6503-1, fa6504-1, fa6501-1, RFQ
tso-c150 w.s. shamban europe a/s back up ring spiral code 32, RFQ
tso-c38d becker avionic systems N/A 5209-(1)-xxx, ar 3209-( ), ar 4201, rt 3209-(11), RFQ
tso-c148 shur-lok corporation inserts (fittings) slrj1700 series, slrj1700 series, slrla series, slrla series, ms51997 series, ms51990 series, ms51990 series, ms51991 series, ms51997 series, ms51991 series, RFQ
tso-c165 avidyne corporation acr software pn 530-00218-( ), 530-00220-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. tpl otbd 1.5"nrw lh ars-835, p/n 83283b16712-407, RFQ
tso-c150 w.s. shamban europe a/s hatseal(r) 75, RFQ
tso-c62e michelin-lpav main landing gear p/n m42202, p/n m12302, RFQ
tso-c127a timco aerosystems lh std outbd dbl premium econo model b3050, p/n 3052191-461-( ), b3050, p/n 3052181-451-( ), model 3050, p/n 3052191-451-( ), b3050, p/n 3052181-451-( ), b3050, p/n 3052181-451-( ), RFQ
tso-c39c precision aircraft compon single place fwd, aft or side model b0740e-( ), RFQ
tso-c39c timco aerosystems seat assy.,triple, handicap, r b1000s, p/n 70626-452-( ), b1000s, p/n 70626-452-( ), b1000s, p/n 70626-452-( ), RFQ
tso-c175 driessen aircraft interio full size waste trolley tg720(xxx), mdl-tg720(xxx)-std, RFQ
tso-c44a eldec corporation commutator 9-128028-01, RFQ
tso-c5e northrop grumman, litton ltn-72 inu 452080-05-xx, 452080-05, 452080-04-xx, 452080-04, RFQ
tso-c9c century flight systems, i gpss adapter controller 1c975-( ), RFQ
tso-c8c smiths aerospace llc N/A 2074-( )( )-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a timco aerosystems seat assy ? premium economy, p model b3050, p/n 3053192-461-( ), model b3050, p/n 3053192-461-( ), RFQ
tso-c148 alcoa fastening systems hf90 rivetless nutplate assy. hf90l-( )-( )-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. tpl otbd 1.0" nrw 1.06" o/s r ars-710, p/n 83269b17988-402, RFQ
tso-c39c pac seating system, inc. forward/aft facing double seat (f)s2300-( ), RFQ
tso-c52b honeywell international, N/A 7022012-902, 7022012-901, 7022010-( ), 7022010-902, 7022010-901, 7021852-( ), 7022012-( ), RFQ
tso-c46a aerosonic llc aerosonic sensor unit (asu) p/n slz7366, RFQ
tso-c3c astronautics corporation N/A 303560, p3-tc( ), RFQ
tso-c96a goodrich hella aerospace reflector flash tube model 208437, RFQ
tso-c127a ki holdings co., ltd. seat top assy tpl 3 in nrw 0.5 ars-644, p/n y1157b3c452-401, RFQ
tso-c146c rockwell international av multi-function key panel input pn 810-0228-001, RFQ
tso-c36e smith aerospace ltd electronic horizon situation i 328mfd1-1 mod (xx), RFQ
tso-c6d aspen avionics installation kit efd1000 903-00001-(), RFQ
tso-c39b ki holdings co., ltd. economy deluxe class dbl otbd ars-483, p/n 83-193b6354-403, ars-483, p/n 83-193b7530-403, ars-483, p/n 83-193b8237-403, RFQ
tso-c113 aspen avionics efd1000/efd500 configuration i 300-00001-(), RFQ
tso-c127a timco aerosystems seat assy., double, front row, b1010s, p/n 70826-402-( ), 3200, p/n 3202140-402-( ), b1010s, p/n 70826-402-( ), b1010s, p/n 70826-402-( ), RFQ
tso-c150 w.s. shamban europe a/s excluder plus(r) 37, RFQ
tso-c26a dunlop ltd. N/A ah52771/ah51186, ah52033, ah51691, ah52171, ah52228, ah52279, ah52617/ah52618, ah52623/ah52618, ah51852, ah51687, ah51178, ah51853, ah52771/ah51187, RFQ

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